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Shanghai, 14th September - 13th October 2014
"TO_SH Turin Shanghai Art Dialogues" a group show of the work of thirty young artists, fifteen of whom are based in Turin and fifteen of whom are based in Shanghai.
The "TO_SH" project, conceived and orchestrated by IGAV (the Garuzzo Institute for the Visual Arts) in partnership with the Faculty of Design at Shanghai's East China Normal University, arose out of a desire to compare and contrast, for the very first time, two radically different cities between which, however, parallels do exist: both have a cultural, political and social history stretching back millennia and both benefit from the presence of consolidated traditions that – widespread globalisation notwithstanding – still anchor the artistic imagination that comes to life in these respective metropolitan areas to the solid bedrock of a strong, shared memory. The finissage is been organized on 16th October 2013: an event with Radio One Lab to talk about Italy and China.
The exhibition, with Alessandro Demma curating the Italian section and Wei Shaonong being responsible for the Chinese part, amounts to something of a reconnaissance mission on the art scenes of these two cities, carried out by artists aged under 35, who for several years have been leading lights in the art world in their own countries and internationally. The idea is to encapsulate thirty experiences that use different languages and tendencies – from sculpture and painting to video, photography and installations, amongst others – in order to cast a spotlight on what it means to make art today in these two contrasting places, which rather than being closed, actually constitute wideopen, fast-changing systems that are characteristic of a world that the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman has defined, not by accident, with a highly appropriate term: “liquid”. 
After the exhibition in Saluzzo and in Turin, "TO_SH" will be exposed in Shanghai.
25th October - 17th November 2013
The exhibition in Turin (Saluzzo Paesana Palace)
For TO_SH in Turin, IGAV has put together – in collaboration with the Ajani-Morachioli studio – an ecological staging solution, which uses out-of the ordinary re-faced and recycled materials, with a view to ensuring that the exhibition space itself is all about re-utilisation and energy efficiency.
This approach is very much aligned with IGAV's green policy, whereby it endeavours to stage events that are highly eco-sustainable. As such, IGAV's projects are marked by a dedication towards ethical, eco-friendly implementation, which is geared towards reducing environmental impact through the deployment of eco-compatible, recycled and recyclable materials.
Under the Patronage of: the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism; the Culture Department of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Italy; Piedmont Region; Province of Turin; Turin City Council.
30th March - 11th May 2014
The exhibition in Saluzzo (Castiglia)
Opening: Saturday 29th March 
In partnership with East China Normal University di Shanghai, School of Design; Step ForwardConsulting. Under the patronage of Ministero degli Affari Esteri; Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo; Ufficio culturale dell’Ambasciata della Repubblica Popolare Cinese in Italia; Regione Piemonte; Provincia di Torino; Provincia di Cuneo; Città di Torino; Gai - Giovani Artisti Italiani; ContemporaryArt Torino Piemonte

The exhibition in Turin. Video by Studio Maren Ollmann. Other videos on the IGAV Youtube channel

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