Cang Xin 苍鑫

Nato nel 1967 a Baotou (Inner Mongolia). Vive e lavora a Pechino.
Con l'IGAV ha esposto in Dipingere il presente.

Mostre personali selezionate
- Spirituals Crystals, Whitebox Art Center, Beijing
- Metamorphosis, Leo Gallery, Shanghai
- A Tale of Two Cities, New Painting Series Exhibition of China Cangxin`s Hidden Consciousness, Tian Ren·He Yi Art Center, Hangzhou
- Cangxin and He Yunchang Double solo exhibition, Belgium   
-The Spirit of Translation, The Gallery of Chinese Cultural Arts, San Diego
- Rites of Nature, C-SPACE, Beijing
- Cang Xin's Shamanic Vision, Space Can, Seoul
- Cang Xin`s Mythology,Today Art Museum, Beijing
- Cang Xin's Works Exhibition, Square Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nanjing
- Cang Xin solo exhibition, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta
- Existence in Translation: Cang Xin Solo Exhibition, Espace Cultrural Ample, Bacerlona

Mostre collettive selezionate
- Tentative_Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, 1000 Art Zone, Guangzhou
- The 3rd He Shun International Village Art Festival__Depict Our Metting In Xucun, Shanxi Province
- Hetero -Entity:myths、narration、imagination, EMoCa, Shenzhen
- Yuan Vision-Seven Biographies with Unique Languages, rainbowwallart gallery, Beijing
- The 30th Korea Namboo International Contemporary Art Festival, Busan
- Exhibition of Donated Sculpture in Bengbu, Bengbu
- Chengdu Blue Roof Art Festival Theme Exhibition, Chengdu
- New Asia Sympathy and Difference, Korea
- START-International Exhibition of the Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art, Beijing
- PVGA 2014 - Parkview Green Art Festival 2014, Beijing
- Biennale China-Italia, 798, Beijing
- Hans van Dijk: 5000 Names, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
- FUSION CONVERGENCE, Tian Ren·He Yi Art Center, Hangzhou
- Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing
- We—The Contemporary Painting Exhibition of 8 Artists, Summit Cross, Hangzhou
- Bi Ran Zhong De Ou Ran, Four Faces of Space, Beijing
- Like Thunder out of China, Arsenal Montréal, Montréal
- Why Not! Auction Biennale, Hosane, Shanghai
- Bai Ju Guo Xi, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing
- Modern Art Recovery Plan—The Birth of the Great, Samtan Art Mine, South Korea
- Voice of the Unseen, 55th Venice Biennale exhibition collateral, Venice
- Something Old, Something New, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, South Korea
- Portrait of the Times- 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, The Power Station of Art, Shanghai
- Extension·The Orientation of Contemporary Sculpture, 2013 Datong International Sculpture Biennale, Datong
- Stepping In Nature: MAM Collection of Chinese Conceptual Photography, Macao Museum of Art, Macau
- First Life-Unworldly Encounters, 24HR Art NTCCA, Darwin
- Daydreaming with...The Hong Kong Edition, Future Industries, Hong Kong
- Biennale Italia—Cina 2012, Monza
- Harmony in Divergence, Schema Art Museum, Seoul
- Den Haag onder de Hemel: Hedendaagse beeldhouwkunst uit China, The Hague
- Performance Art of Chinese Literary-1985-2010, Songzhuang Art Museum, Songzhuang
- LOVE AND HOPE, art world assisting children affected by the Japanese Disasters, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
- Photo Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing
- Incarnations’A Photograpy Exhibition of Performance Art, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing
- Beijing Time. La hora de China. Chinese contemporary art exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego
- Action-Camera-Beijing Performance Photography, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver
- Chinese Contemporary Renaissance Art Exhibition Milanneili Palace, Naples
- Reflection, The Wall Museum, Beijing/ Xihu Museum, Hangzhou
- ZHUYI ! CHINA Contemporary Photography from China, The Museum La Virreina, Barcelona
- Hanging in Sky Drifting on Surface, Linda Gallery, Beijing
- Virtual City: New Power-China Contemporary Art Biennale 2008, Yuan Gong Art Museum, Shanghai
- Chinese Contemporary Sotsart, The State Treyakov Gallery, Moscow
- Festival de Performance Pasage de la Paz, Off Ample Espace, Barcelona
- ZHUYI ! CHINA Contemporary Photography from China, ARTIUM Basque Centre and Museum of Contemporary Art, Victoria
- Made in China: Works from the Estella Collection, Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen
- Timer.01: Intimacy, Triennale Bovisa, Milan
- Transfashion lad, CCCB Contemporary Museum, Barcelona
- Beyond Experience: New China!,  Arario, Beijing
- China Gate, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Seoul
- Bologna International Art Expo, Bologna
- A Forest, Space Other, Boston
- Vehicle and Mirror, Beijing New Art Projects, Beijing
“Photography Group Exhibition”, London Red Mansion Foundation, England